Just Another Real Ghost Story… WELCOME!

Welcome to my personal world of the paranormal.  I am by no means an expert in the field nor have I done research on the demonic and/or occult. I am simply one more person on this earth that has been harassed by inhuman entities and I have decided to tell my story.

Hope I can entertain you and make you smile when I’m not sending you into a panic frenzy. I’m sure you’ll be afraid of the dark after you read this.  Go ahead and turn on your lights if you want to. I don’t wanna disappoint you, but it’s not going to help in any way, shape or form. Once you have been chosen, you must confront “it”.


-Diana R. Gómez, Author

A True Childhood Haunting

“Loving life. Fearing the dead. ” – Diana R. Gómez

Book Cover by Square Melon Communications
Book Cover by Square Melon Communications

16 thoughts on “Just Another Real Ghost Story… WELCOME!

  1. You don’t need to convince me of ghosts. Thru my experiences with them, demons and dark entities, it’s a damn wonder I can hold to my sanity at those times. I do have a question if you can answer it: who decided 3 AM was the time of extreme hauntings. Was it just something “someone” pushed forward?

  2. Hi, looked for the story. Is it written yet or are you going to post it? I love a good story and having dozens of my own, can’t wait to see what you’ve encountered. Keep us posted.

    Valentine deFrancis

  3. I have always believed in spirits or energies that we call ghosts. My experience was not so much scarey as it was emotional. I did not experience these events alone. I worked in a group home for mentally and physcially disabled adults. Events lasted for at least the four years I was there, and well before. I myself had a dream episode directly related to the activity. This was very emotional for me as a connection between myself and the entities was made. I look forward to reading your accounts of your experiences..

    1. Wow, Starlene… any account of spirit encounters is fascinating and scary. Sometimes I am not sure if I am more scared than fascinated or vice versa. I’d love to hear more! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hi Karen: Thanks for writing! I will be publishing my first short story shortly. I will let you all know when it’s ready. Smashwords was a little slower than I expected. 😉 I would love to check out your books!

  4. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has been the driving force in my life. So I’, perpetually asking questions. I guess my question here would be, why do we think there wouldn’t be ghosts? Silly us. I’m indeed looking forward to your stories.

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