My Story

A Little Background About My Writing

It took me years to decide exactly how I was going to design my non-fiction horror book! Yes! I do have witnesses! I want my audience to be able to embrace each individual account to the fullest and at the end of it all bring it all together in their minds and be able to understand the torment in my life.

I’ll tell you this much, everything I am putting down on paper is real and is my personal account of ghost stories (or demonic encounters, I think that sounds scarier so I tend to play it down a bit at times). I have no idea what these “things” wanted from me or what their purpose was on this plane but I’m glad they quite tormenting me on a daily basis. I respect others’ opinions but I was left too perplexed with my personal encounters that I can tell you I have no real answers. I can only deduce ideas based on my emotions and memories.

Therefore, my conclusion is that I am not here to preach about demons or make you believe they are real. I am just here to share my darkness with you. You can create your own conclusions of what ghosts really are but also feel free to contact me with questions. I am always happy to discuss my ghostly experiences!

Once you start reading, I know you’ll want more. Get ready to shake!


Diana R. Gómez


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