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Sleep Paralysis – Is it a dream? The Old Hag? Or the dead?

A couple of close relatives have shared their sleep paralysis experience with me.  I have been told stories of a person (or thing) tightly covering their mouth while they are trying to wake. Another story is of a cousin of mine seeing a dead friend standing next to her and not allowing her to speak or move. Hallucinations? Dreams? Paranormal happenings?

Like in ghost stories, I say that you tend not to believe radical stories until these occurrences actually cross your path. I personally had a realistic dream where Satan himself was covering my mouth while I tried to pray loudly through his ghastly fingers. He finally fled as my Faith and prayers became stronger than his grip. My entire body was shaking with fear and I can almost describe it as feeling close to death. I myself knew it was a dream because I woke up soon after; but I have no doubts whatsoever that this may in fact be happening to others without it being a dream. I believe in ghosts, so hey, I’m open to any crazy stories you may want to share with me.

Now, go to bed and don’t forget to cover those feet! And your heads! And don’t let your arms hang loose….Muahahaaaa!!


Click on the link below for information/stories on sleep paralysis –

Sleep Paralysis Stories.


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