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Thoughts on the Carla Moran Story

Hi Paranormal Fans!

So I don’t know if you had the time to go over the Carla Moran story I recently posted… but that is one heck of a spook! I remember seeing the movie some time ago and just feeling sorry for this woman because I can personally account for going through such horrific hauntings and having people think you are crazy or just straight out laughing at you.  It can make you physically sick to your stomach and that’s an understatement!

In my case, I don’t need any ghost busters or special equipment to prove anything. I know for a fact that the events that took place around me were and are all real. Like with Carla Moran, ghosts/spirits/entities (or whatever you want to call them) come out of nowhere! They do not warn you, they do not ask for permission… they do whatever the heck they want without any consideration of the audience or place. I like to call them “spirits” because it gives me a little chill every time I use refer to “them” this way. The term “ghosts” is for children. LOL I have had many witnesses, which I will mention in all of my published writings, so I know I am not crazy! Really!  The people in my book are not fictitious and so far I have permission from most of the people who witnessed the events in my life to be able to use their name. Thank you for that! Let’s see if we can gain some believers here, ey?

Now I must say, Carla Moran had it much worse than I did. I was not physically assaulted in any way. I mean, I did have things flying around, shaking, crackling, swooshing by and my name being called out loud all the time… but I thank God I was not attacked in any physical way. I had some strange things happen in my sleep, which I’ll account for in my future book; but while awake and sane, I did not feel anything touch me per se. What causes hauntings to be different? Like I’ve told you before, I’m not a Psychologist, nor am I Paranormal Researcher. However, I do consider myself an expert because an expert is someone with vast experience and with regards to spirits, that would make me an expert. Let’s see… haunted since I was a child… still having some straggling events in my life here and there… yes, it’s valid. So I will put in my two pennies now…

I think there are entities (btw, the name of the Moran movie is actually “The Entity”) that are here to do good, such as angels and good energies or who knows what else or whatever you believe. Hey, if it makes you feel good, it’s good. Honestly, the Universe is what you make of it. On the other hand, I KNOW there are some spirits that are here, or are sent here to do “not so good” things to us homo-sapiens. I say this because in my trunk of memories I can tell you that I can pull out a couple of stories of times when I had these scary events take place and I was not freaked out at all. For some reason I was calm enough to ask them to go away or I would walk away myself because they were simply being annoying. I was actually with a friend once when one of these “friendly” events took place and I started laughing! She was freaking out as you can imagine (more on this in my book). At other times, even with all of the “experience” I had with these things… I would have to haul ass like there was no tomorrow. There were times where I’d left the house in mid winter and just stood outside for hours. I remember another time where I asked my mom to sleep with me and I was in my 20’s (so not like me)! The sudden rush of blood and adrenaline, and the cold that ran through my chest was horrific! It was just like in the movies. I felt like screaming like a crazy woman while running to nowhere. LOL I think back at this and laugh but if I really concentrate it will feel “oh so real” again. Nah, I’ll save that for when I’m writing the book. It is an experience that I have suppressed intentionally and I like to keep it that way. I let the feelings roll on paper when I’m writing and the emotions all come back again and truthfully I can’t live like this on a daily basis. I’d be in the nuthouse, that’s for sure.

As scared as Carla was with her ordeal, I can assure you she wasn’t lying about anything that went on in her home and around her. I have friends that tell me equally freaky stories. Some leave their bodies at night and can see themselves, others have had “near death” experiences and have seen THE tunnel and THE light. We are all different and have different histories, vibes, energies and hopes… why these spirits choose us and how they decide to spook us is all irrelevant. Point of the matter is that they are real. If you don’t believe, GOOD FOR YOU! You are one lucky person I tell ya! Because living a life of annoyances is not the way we want to live but some of us were “chosen” and have no choice but to deal with it. As Carla moved on with her life, with less frequent occurrences  etc., I did the same. I don’t doubt that these “things” can rambunctiously make a reappearance… I’ve had a few scares in recent years. But I do know that I have Faith in my God and know that He is with me if “they” decide to come back and stay.

I hope you guys get to see the movie. Let me know what you think about it if you see it or even if you know about the story. It’s unfortunate for Carla and for many of us to live in a world of hauntings.




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