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Horror Films You Didn’t Realize Were Based on True Stories – Flavorwire

So I must admit, I have some type of magnetism towards horror movies or stories that are actually “true” stories. As creative as a director or author may be, it just won’t give me the same spook if I know that all of the creepy scenes come from the inner depths of someone’s brain vs. the inner depth of a person’s soul. When a spooky story comes from the soul, you can actually feel the chills and tremor in your belly when a twist of fate is about to take place or when someone is screaming in fear.

I mean, I’m just different I suppose, and maybe you can identify with fictional AND non-fictional… that’s fine. I just like the hair on my arms sticking straight up and getting that cold stream of fear run through my chest when I’m into a movie or a book. Then I end up having to turn on lights at night and asking my hubby to escort me to the bathroom because I feel like there is now something lurking in the shadows of my uneventful living room.

Masochist I must admit, that’s what it is… but true stories motivate me with my writing because it reminds me that I was not too far from having a major motion picture right in front of my eyes when doors were creaking and swaying… and whispering voices surrounded my world at the most unexpected of moments.

Enjoy… you might be just as shocked to hear the “reality” behind these big hits.


Horror Films You Didn’t Realize Were Based on True Stories – Flavorwire.



2 thoughts on “Horror Films You Didn’t Realize Were Based on True Stories – Flavorwire

  1. Years ago, I cleaned out my late mother in law’s old house in Virginia and there was no shortage of spirits, I was more annoyed than frightened because they liked to mess up what I cleaned up.. When I started to write about it, I struggled with making it scary because I wasn’t scared. I had to completely rethink my attitude about hauntings!

    1. That is quite interesting (and annoying, yes!). I sometimes feel somewhat numb to ghosts/spirits; thus, I have to prep before writing by watching paranormal shows or movies. Sorry you had to go through that annoyance at your mom-in-law’s. I suppose you found Casper! 😉

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