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Annabelle Anyone? Thoughts on “The Conjuring”

Updated blog with my 2 cents included…

Oh boy! What an outstanding movie, huh? I am so tired of going to the movies and NOT being scared. I think in my lifetime, only a handful of movies were able to keep me from sleeping.  Everyone that knows me knows the “The Exorcist” is always priority (including my dress-ups during the Halloween season). I’ve also been frightened quite profoundly with the Carla Moran story. I thought those were top-notch and didn’t have much optimism for future demon/ghost flicks. HOWEVER! I have to say “The Conjuring” hit home, indeed!

 Now… I think this movie can be analyzed from 3 points of view – 

          1. The non-believers who will bash the movie and mock the events.

          2. The non-believers who can actually appreciate a good film. 

          3. The believers.

We can break down that last category quite a bit. But, I’ll stick to saying that as a believer, this movie dotted the “I” in relation to my personal paranormal experiences.  Hauntings come in a vast number of colors, odors and happenings.  Call them spirits, ghosts, entities, demons…whatever it may be… but if you are not one of the Warrens, it’s all the same thing and encounters amount up to you feeling helpless and just wanting to die to end it all. I don’t care if it’s a playful spirit as opposed to a demon, the hopelessness that enters your chest and soul is inexplicable. I say so from my own personal experience. Whether you are a believer or not, I can guide you down my path as to how I engaged the movie. Let me deduct what didn’t happen to me in this lifetime and then we can focus on the other occurrences. I (thank GOD!) definitely did not see beasts sitting on top of my furniture nor did I wake up to a pale face vomiting blood into my mouth. I have to say that although these scenes were created to perfection, I did not experience anything like that. Now let’s not take credit away from my true fears! The events that did coincide with my hauntings are far more than what an average person can tolerate. Trust me! And if you don’t believe me on how paralyzing a haunting can be, you can ask my friends and family that have experienced the events with me. Feel free to write comments on this post and I will respond.

Here and there during the movie we were able to laugh off the “clapping” of the entities. They seek to get your attention and I think it comes in phases. The “clapping” is their plan B when subtle moves don’t quite catch your attention. The hauntings in my life were very subtle and tolerable at first, and they slowly progressed to the point of me constantly having to run outside in the middle of Winter because I feared my life was in danger. Now, remember, I was a child, so I had nowhere to turn. Nobody around me “believed” so I had to suck it up! The “clappings” are a vivid part of my past… not because I played “hide-n-go-seek” but because THEY wanted my attention.  I guess they don’t have full-blown vocal cords so they have to work with whatever power they have available. Who are the powers that govern what they can or can’t do? The answer is way beyond my knowledge of this universe and what is sitting outside of our realm, but these entities can definitely play a good concert with your life with all the bells and whistles you can imagine (as needed). Other maneuvers to catch my attention included but were not limited to whistling, sneezing and the oh so famous whispering of my name.  It started with a “psst”, and ultimately became a “Diana”, whispered very loudly and in the presence of anyone.  I will go more into detail in my book, which I hope to have in your hands by the end of this year. I need to get all of this off of my chest. And I love the fact that this movie came out because it gave me  a sense of peace as far as my sanity goes; but it also has opened up the path for my writing a little bit. For those that don’t believe, a good plot can still blow their socks off.  So I hope this will give me more ears that are willing to listen to my story.

Let’s go back to the movie. Other things happened in this movie that simply putting it, made the acids in my stomach start swirling. It was just “too close to home”. The moving of the rocking chairs, the levitation of objects, and one cannot forget the little annoying game with opening and shutting doors. Boy was this such a fricken nuisance! Remember, my hauntings carried out for years and we do adapt to a lot of things in life and hauntings can be one of them. **Clarification – adaptation does not equal being “numb”. You will always feel fear. As scared as I was as a child when the door in my bedroom would squeak back and forth, eventually, it would piss me off and I’d scream for “them” to leave me alone! Oh yes, I remember it clearly. They never retaliated like it happened in the movie. When I yelled and became fed up, it all stood still. Not a pin drop could be heard. They feared me in some way but that didn’t stop them from pestering me. They’d always come back.  Or maybe they were making fun of me and didn’t really get startled when I yelled.  I have no clue what I was dealing with here. Oh! And I can’t wait to write about levitation in my book. I still cannot comprehend what I saw that one day at my baby sitter’s house. What I do know is that I knew there was an evil presence in front of me. It was evident, the fear ran through my veins as I started screaming! The objects dropped back on the table right away after my outburst! I won’t give you more details because I want to put it all together for you in the book. But yes, it’s possible. And yes, it’s horrific. I don’t wish this upon my worst enemy. Ok maybe just a li’l… just kidding. I really don’t.

These forces should be left alone and not sought out via games or curiosity. Once “they” find you, TAG! You’re it! So remember to pray, don’t focus on this movie too much after you’ve seen it. Erase it from your head and wear socks at night. I don’t know… socks seem to give me a sense of being “safe” from ghosts although I know better than that. But hey! Anything to keep on living with the living.

I have pasted for you below a link to the true story of the doll in the movie, “Annabelle”. And I’ve also pasted the link to my friend Todd’s blog. He is a horror nerd and I place him in category #2. You really have to read his account of the film, especially if you don’t “believe”.  I highly recommend his blog and reviews of horror films. 

And as for hauntings, you either stick with all of the good reviews this film is getting and learn about movie-making and credits… or, you stick with me and let me scare the daylight out of you.  Most of what happened in the movie, can also happen to you… and I am here to personally share my story.

God bless you and don’t forget to leave your comments or questions. I love hearing what you guys think of it all! 

Sincerely, Diana

Annabelle Doll Link


Annabelle's True Story
Annabelle’s True Story

“The Conjuring” Review by Horror Nerd


PS – almost forgot to share something! So that night after watching the movie, as I lay there in bed floating off into la-la land…. my hubby pulled the sheets his way a little bit and in my sleep, as the movie gracefully made it’s way into my inner child, I feared the worst and must have thought the hauntings had returned! I screamed, “mom!” at the top of my lungs and scared my hubby to death! Thank goodness reality came back quickly. I am not a child living a terrifying nightmare any longer. It was just a small glimpse of the past.


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