A True Childhood Haunting

Sneak Peek at Book Intro

Hope the intro will keep you wanting more! Full book coming in 2017.

INTRO to A True Childhood Haunting (draft)

Through this book I will re-live the terrifyingly haunted life I faced as an innocent and very young child. A lot has changed since my childhood years and although they are no longer on a daily basis, they tend to surprise me and catch me off guard at times. I can guarantee that if you are with me at the time an event stirs up, you will become a believer of the paranormal, if you are not one already. Some people are born believers while some have never believed at all. But just one encounter can suffice to turn you into a believer no matter what background or knowledge you have of the paranormal. I am guilty of that charge.

Writing this book has been a challenge because it is not about fictional paranormal events, ghosts, demons, spirits… whatever you want to call it.  They are real encounters and I lived through them mostly alone, but believe it or not, also with witnesses (most have agreed to be mentioned in my book). I have to admit I was stuck on whether or not to write in first person, since I know this is mostly frowned upon. However, as I got through pages and pages of my story, I was just not bonding to the true emotions of fear and anguish I was trying to portray. This was not a random child living through a haunting, it was me. It was I! And thus, first person it is for my book. I’m sure this will grant you a much more genuine experience of what it’s like to live with a demonic presence.

Although I’m now stronger as an adult (mentally and spiritually) and confirmed to be rationally sane, the terror has returned as I sat and wrote out entire thoughts and memories for this book. Reminiscing has not failed in bringing tears to my eyes and chills throughout my body.  I’ve even felt nauseous and have stared at my fingers on the keyboard for hours just thinking that one more word might bring me trouble!  I’ve had to put all of my energy into trying to get through this book while at the same time contemplating the possibility of an evil portal just waiting for me to hit that final period in a sentence. My fingers would shake when trying to get past the scariest of thoughts as I was typing, but in my heart I knew I had to capture it all in writing.  At moments I broke down in shock in trying to re-accept that I had to once live through this ordeal. But although I may not be able to offer guidance or hope, I can assure you that you are not alone if you are experiencing extraordinary and unexplained paranormal activity in your life. You are not alone, and most importantly, you are not crazy.

This book is not being written by a professional in the paranormal field or a church.  Nor am I an author that is wittingly trying to capture your sense of fear for a quick profit. This is the disheartening story, my story, of a little girl facing evil with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no one to turn to and eventually considering suicide to end the horrifying life she was living.  Only but a drastic event would have had to take place to change the ending of this story.  And unfortunately… it did.  Yes, “unfortunately”.

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6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Book Intro

  1. Love it so far ! I really feel you are catching the readers attention on making them a believer. Cant wait till you are finished writing!

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