About Diana R. Gómez


Why am I here? Well, my interest in writing has always been present and if it were my choice I’d do it for a living.  I have so much to tell you but for now I will focus my writing on my personal experiences with ghosts (or demonic activity for those more familiar with the phenomena).

I have experienced paranormal phenomena throughout my life, even though it was very much more prominent in my childhood years. Thank God!  Whether you believe in the occult or not, I want to share my experiences with everyone. I am happy to discuss any of your experiences, as well, or feel free to write to me and let me know what you think of my stories. I am not a medium, nor a psychic or church personnel.  I am simply a “normal” person just like you that has unfortunately been harassed by those from “the other side”.

My ordeal with it all has been extremely exhausting and traumatizing, and perhaps this is what made me such a unique individual in life.  I am very loving and open-minded, and I guess that’s the best of what I can get out of my horrifying experience.

You may be a believer, or a non-believer… but I will try my best to incorporate as much detail as possible for you to enjoy the book either way.  Don’t judge me folks, just entertain yourself for a bit, will ya? I have been judged quite harshly in the past when a couple of non-believers discovered my experiences via my good ol’ blog.  I am not phased much by bullies but I would have preferred to have spoken to them about my experiences over having them run around making up stories about my life (yes, these are adults we are talking about here).  Both I and those who surround me know what it’s like to face paranormal phenomena head on, and it’s not a pretty sight. Have a little sympathy here, people, and enlighten yourself with a good read!

I hope you like what I have to share with you, and hey, write to me whenever you want! I don’t bite! Really! I’m a dedicated mom, daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend. I love my family, I love life and I am overly-excited to bring to you the fear I once felt run through every cell in my body. Literally… that is how it feels.

Stay tuned…

With love,

Diana R. Gómez

Author of “A True Childhood Haunting”


One thought on “About Diana R. Gómez

  1. Jova, thanks! 😉 Personally… I can feel when there’s a “good” vs. “bad” presence around me. I’m not sure what your situation is but I am sure that I believe you. Laugh it off or tell “them” to go away. Show no fear! xoxo to my # 1 fan!

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